Studio Visit Radio Show

A couple of weeks ago, I had the great pleasure to be a guest on Freeform Portland's Studio Visit Radio Show. If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to it here:

Studio Visit is a curated sound exhibition of PDX-area artists, art professionals, art lovers, and makers of all kinds. DJs Abi and Megan host on alternating weeks, and each week a new guest joins the show for an exploration of their personal music tastes, creative process, and random daydreams. The show is 1/3rd talk and 2/3rds music, and the music is eclectic by definition because weekly guests determine the playlist. DJs Abi and Megan engage guests in casual conversation about how music affects their artistic practice, which music obsessions they have and why, memories of the local music and art scene, and what makes them tick creatively in general. More of a casual conversation than an interview, Studio Visit desires to uncover hidden sides of the local art scene in an idiosyncratic, random and synesthetic way.