Print Print Print!

Southern Graphics Council International is having their annual conference in Portland this year: Flux Portland, and the city is full of amazing prints and shows and happenings!

I've got a couple of pieces on view around town.

I have this brand new piece up at the Trayle Studio Print Show
There will be a little opening this Friday if you'd like to pop by.

In this Metaphor, I am the Tree of Singing Birds
Polyester Plate Lithograph with Watercolor

I'm thrilled to be a part of the fantastic Print Portfolio:
My Rules, curated by Mike McGovern

The piece below is on view at PCC Sylvania

The Ghost Ship
Polyester Plate Lithograph with Watercolor

. . . . .

Check out all of SGC International's Flux PDX events here:
On Instagram and Twitter: @sgci_2016
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